Build a Qserv container image


This procedure is launched for each new commit inside Travis CI. It possible possible to retrieve the tag of the produced Qserv image on top of build log, the log line start with Building and testing qserv/qserv:.

Choose a Qserv dependencies image

Qserv dependencies images are built by script admin/tools/docker/lsst-dm-ci/ This script can be ran or a workstation or inside LSST-ci in order to easilly build a new Qserv dependencies image.

  • Build or select a Qserv dependencies image inside the Qserv container repository. Qserv dependencies image start with a tag prefixed with deps_. For example, for image qserv/qserv:deps_20200130_1236, the image tag is deps_20200130_1236.
  • Replace DEPS_TAG_DEFAULT value with the image tag above in admin/tools/docker/

Build a Qserv container image

Simply run:

./admin/tools/docker/ <path-to-qserv-source>