Run multinode test inside Docker containers on a workstation


This procedure was tested with Docker 1.9.


  • A Qserv master and a worker image made from the github branch/tag which will be tested, see Build Qserv image from a Github branch

  • A user account on a Linux workstation, for example: account myuser on

  • Internet access available for

  • Docker running on

  • myuser belonging to docker group on

    sudo usermod -a -G docker myuser

Run multinode test

On the workstation, clone Qserv code and go to directory containing tests scripts.

git clone
cd qserv/admin/tools/docker/deployment/localhost

In, set the name of your image, based on the github branch name: downloads docker images and runs multinode tests:

./ download an update of Docker containers created using procedure described here: Build Qserv image from a Github branch