Run multinode test inside Docker containers


This procedure was tested with Docker 1.12



All pre-requisites below can be handled automatically by using a Cloud-Computing infrastructure. We provide Openstack support in pre-alpha version, please contact us for additional information.

  • A user account on a handful of Linux machines, for example: account myuser on a workstation named, and on cluster nodes named to

  • ssh access from to all for myuser account, with no password prompt, for example using ssh keys authentication mechanism.

  • A parallel ssh client installed on, for example shmux (

  • Internet access available for all

  • Docker running on all

  • myuser belonging to docker group on all

    sudo usermod -a -G docker myuser


It is possible to run a development version of Qserv by generating Qserv master and a worker images from a given github branch/tag, see Build Qserv image from a Github branch

Run multinode test

On the workstation, clone Qserv code and go to directory containing example for deployment scripts.

git clone
cd ${SRC_DIR}/qserv/admin/tools/docker/deployment/parallel

create and adapt next example scripts to prepare multinode test execution:

In, prepare your host list and set the name of your images:

Then, install Qserv and launch multinodes integration tests.

# download latest docker image on each node:
# Start Qserv and run multinode test:
# Check Qserv status
# Stop Qserv