Configuration procedure

This documentation presents Qserv configuration tool, designed to simplify and automate Qserv installation process.


Qserv installation procedure consists of next steps :

  • download, build and install Qserv using eups,
  • configure Qserv.

The goal is to have a modular procedure in order to ease future evolutions and maintenance. That’s why Qserv configuration procedure must be as independant as possible of eups and other steps eups.


eups install directory must only contains immutable data like, for example, binaries. That’s why Qserv configuration tool creates two directories:

  • QSERV_RUN_DIR which contains configuration (file and data) and execution informations (pid files, log files)
  • QSERV_DATA_DIR which contains scientific data (i.e. sky data),

The configuration tool is written in pure-python and offers several options (see –help). --help


  • Use meta-configuration file QSERV_RUN_DIR/qserv-meta.conf, and templates in QSERV_DIR/cfg/templates to generate all configuration
  • Run configuration scripts for Qserv services when required (i.e. for mysql, scisql and xrootd)
  • Protect existing data, if located outside of configuration directory
  • Create client configuration in ~/.lsst