Building partition package without using eups

Developer may be interested to build Qserv packages without having to install eups stack. An example is given here with the partition package, whose build system relies on sconsUtils.


Install scons v2.1.0 or greater.


  • Install sconsUtils:
# clone sconsUtils repository
mkdir ${SRC_DIR}
git clone git://
  • Clone partition repository:
# clone partition repository
cd ${SRC_DIR}
# anonymous access :
git clone git://
# or authenticated access (require a ssh key) :
git clone ssh://
# build and install your Qserv version
cd partition
  • Retrieve sconsUtils configuration files for Boost:
git archive --remote=git:// --format=tar HEAD ups/*.cfg | tar xv
  • Define build environment:
export PYTHONPATH=${PYTHONPATH}:${SRC_DIR}/sconsUtils/python/
export PARTITION_DIR=${SRC_DIR}/partition/
# Variables below are not required if you use system-provided Boost libraries
# define them only if you use you own Boost libraries :
export BOOST_DIR=dir/where/your/own/boost/is/installed
  • Build: