Scons Build Targets

Below is a list of the most frequently used build targets defined by standard SConstruct file with a brief explanation of what targets do. List of targets (without explanation) can be produced by running scons -h command.

This is a default target if you do not specify any target at all, "scons all" is equivalent to "scons build test".
Build (compiles and links) everyhting and places built products into a build directory. Build directory location is determined by build_dir variable which can be passed to scons on command line, it defaults to build directory in qserv source directory.
Build and run all unit tests, unit tests are built in the same build directory.
Install all built products (rebuilding them if necessary), run unit tests. Location of install directory is determined by the prefix variable which defaults to qserv source directory. "scons install" is equivalent to "scons test install-notest", it will fail if unit tests fail.
Install all built products but does not run unit tests. This can be useful in situations when some unit tests are temporarily broken by the changes to qserv code but developers need to continue testing with installed products.
Build documentation in doc/build directory.