About integration test cases#

Integration test datasets#

Chunk contribution files and replication service configuration based on Qserv integration test cases case01 and case03 are manually generated using script qserv/itest/get-testdata.sh on a developememt workstation. They are located in directories itest/datasets/case01 and itest/datasets/case03.

WARNING: Qserv integration test cases case02 and case04 are not yet used for qserv-ingest integration tests

How to add an integration test case to qserv-ingest#


  • A k8s-hosted Qserv instance embedding a test case dataset.

  • telepresence client installed on workstation


# Launch qserv-ingest development container and open an interactive shell inside it
cd ~/src/qserv-ingest
CASE_ID="case03" && rm -rf /tmp/dbbench && mkdir /tmp/dbbench
dbbench --url mysql://qsmaster:@qserv-czar:4040 --database q"$CASE_ID" ./itest/datasets/"$CASE_ID"/dbbench.ini

# Switch to development workstation
rm -rf /tmp/dbbench-expected
docker cp qserv-ingest:/tmp/dbbench/ /tmp/dbbench-expected
tar -C /tmp -zcvf ./itest/datasets/"$CASE_ID"/dbbench-expected.tgz dbbench-expected